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everyone needs troye sivan in a cupboard on their blog

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do you ever check how much time there’s left of an episode just to make sure they won’t stop there

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(❁´◡`❁) x

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When contempating a $15.00 purchase

10-year-old me: Wow idk that's a lot of money

15-year-old me: Kickass, that's so cheap

20-year-old me: Wow idk that's a lot of money


which is messier my life or my hair

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breathe if im your favorite blog

thank you

do a triple backflip if I’m not

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The whole world has been against her. She’s become more of a punch line than a celebrity. Instead of celebrating with Lindsay about the small victories as you should with any type of addict (my step father was an alcoholic for 10 years) people have joked about how she can’t do it. I would cry too if someone finally told me to celebrate after spending so long being a joke.

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